The Hot Melt Food Journal


100% downloadable, the Hot Melt Food Journal is designed to help you navigate your way through your days as you are Melting on your Hot Melt journey–whether you’re just beginning or a seasoned pro.

These pages will help you connect the dots to make sure you’re eating, drinking and moving in a way that not only helps you as you Melt, but will help you see the forest through the trees so you can figure out why you’re on a plateau or not feeling your best.

When I work with my one-on-one clients, I always have them keep a food journal so we can pinpoint any issues that need addressing. I consider a food journal to be one of the best tools in your toolkit.

And this custom food journal is one you don’t want to be without! Once you buy it, you have it–download as many pages as you need forever and ever, amen.

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