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Your Camp Counselor!

Leanne Ely!

Do you remember summer camp? You got to spend a week or two away and do cool stuff!

If you’ve been hung up on cooking, feel like it’s too hard, need some help, want to sharpen those skills or whatever your reason… it’s time to get cooking and it’s time to cook WELL!

I’ll show you how!

My newest venture, Online Cooking Camp is just what you need! This camp is like no one else’s program on the market.  Here’s what makes Cooking Camp so different…

Camp doesn’t care what you eat as long as it’s healthy and you know how to cook it correctly!

Online Cooking Camp is my version of Cooking School.

We do it differently here because we respect your time, your life and know that you want skills, not a career in the kitchen!

You want dinner on the table pronto and you want to do it in a way that makes sense for how you live your life!

Why Cooking Camp?

Someone just asked me why I’m doing a cooking school.

I answered them and said, “Actually it’s a camp, not a Cooking School.” And then I smiled and of course, had to explain.


Because there’s a huge difference between cooking schools and camp.

Cooking schools exist to teach you to cook—that much is true. But they teach you EVERYTHING—souffles, making breads, baking and a bunch of stuff you may not ever want, or even need, to know.

Online Cooking Camp is for people who desire to feed themselves and their families healthier meals AND they don’t want to mess around.

Camp is cool. It’s about cooking fast, cooking well and having cooking become effortless, easy and (dare I say it?) a joy!

Yes, I’m fully aware that a lot of people equate cooking with sweat, toil and pain. But the fact is, if you know what to do and how to do it, you can at least tolerate it. Right? And though “toleration” isn’t my goal (at all); I’ll start there. ?

My goal with  is to get you to embrace cooking as a creative outlet. When you cook, you have the privilege and opportunity to truly play a role in your family’s health—and in your own health for that matter.

I’ve had people tell me they eat healthy when they eat out.

Really what they should say is they “choose well” when eating out. But they cannot choose the ingredients that are cooked for them in those kitchens. Are the ingredients quality or is there stuff you wouldn’t want to eat being added to your “healthy” meal?

The biggest needle mover in health is doing your own cooking. Cooking is the absolute differentiator because you control all the ingredients. You can control what you eat or do not eat. You control the flavor, temperature and ultimately, the whole eating experience. It’s powerful. It’s creative. It’s life-giving.

This is why there is Online Cooking Camp!


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