Hot Melt Mix

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The Keto Flu (also known as the Carb Flu) is an unpleasant way to get into ketosis. It’s a part of the transitional journey to take you from being a sugar burner to becoming a fat burner.

There’s also people who simply cannot tolerate the high fat diet required for ketosis–no gallbladder or digestive distress while on the keto diet.

Until now–our Hot Melt Mix will help you get into ketosis without having to undergo a full-blown ketosis diet to get there–and no carb flu either.

Hot Melt Mix is a delightful cucumber lime flavored, easy to use powdered drink mix that provides direct carb free fuel for the brain and muscles to support energy, weight loss, athletic performance and focus.

Dairy free, vegan, no tree nut protein, GMO free.

Does not contain, soy, gluten, wheat, artificial sugars, colors or flavorings and is lightly sweetened with stevia.

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