Feel Good Kit


This bundle is for the woman who not only wants the Target Trifecta Smoothie down pat, but also wants to feel good while transitioning from an old diet that has included sugar, flour and other carbs and doesn’t want to spend time feeling bad!

Included Products: PPP, FM, JJV, L-Glutamine, Hot Melt Mix

If you’re excited to leave your old eating ways behind (that may have included sugar, flour, snack foods and other stuff you’re ready to ditch) and embrace the new Hot Melt way of eating, but want to avoid the Low Carb/Keto Flu, this is the bundle for you!

The Hot Melt Mix is the magic–with it’s exogenous ketones and balance of minerals, you’ll not only feel better and most likely avoid the Low Carb/Keto Flu, but you’ll have the added bonus of ketones without the waiting!

Perfect Paleo Protein (Unflavored)

Made with hydrolyzed beef protein and has the flavor, feel and consistency of whey protein without the dairy! This new Perfect Paleo Protein is SO GOOD, it will blow you away! Plus it’s 97% pure protein, easily digested with no tummy upset, no allergens and completely clear of any hormones, antibiotics, etc. The beef comes from happy cows raised in Sweden!


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FiberMender 3.0

With its 4 kinds of fiber, FiberMender is an incredible help in digestion.  Research studies support its health effects for satiety, weight control, glucose and lipid metabolism, and bowel regularity. Learn More


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Just Juiced Veggies 2.0

This comprehensive formula contains an innovative blend of organic greens, vegetables, fruits, berries, phytonutrients, organic fiber sources, probiotics, digestive enzymes, plus a bioavailable, antioxidant-rich blend of green tea and apple extracts. Additionally, a patented broccoli seed extract provides long-lasting antioxidant support. Just Juiced Veggies is gluten free, lactose-free and suitable for vegans. Importantly, our product contains no fillers or alfalfa (which can cause an autoimmune cascade of symptoms for those who have any type of autoimmune disease).

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L-Glutamine 2.0

Glutamine is one of 20 amino acids and plays an important role in muscle development and is often used to promote a healthy gastrointestinal tract and help ease leaky gut. Strongly recommended for everyone interested in optimizing gut health!

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Hot Melt Mix

The Keto Flu (also known as the Carb Flu) is an unpleasant way to get into ketosis. It's a part of the transitional journey to take you from being a sugar burner to becoming a fat burner.

There are also people who simply cannot tolerate the high-fat diet required for ketosis--no gallbladder or digestive distress while on the keto diet.

Until now--our Hot Melt Mix will help you get into ketosis without having to undergo a full-blown ketosis diet to get there--and no-carb flu either.

Hot Melt Mix is a delightful orange creamsicle flavored, easy to use powdered drink mix that provides direct carb-free fuel for the brain and muscles to support energy, weight loss, athletic performance, and focus.

Dairy-free, vegan, no tree nut protein, GMO-free.

Does not contain, soy, gluten, wheat, artificial sugars, colors, or flavorings and is lightly sweetened with stevia.

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