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GetLeanProbiotic is the first scientifically proven probiotic that helps people shed the weight just by virtue of taking it! And while we don’t recommend that approach, we do recommend you add this incredible probiotic to your gut health regime and allow the results to speak for themselves–

In a 6 month double blind placebo study where participants simply took GetLeanProbiotic (with FiberMender), these are the results compared to the placebo group:

4.5% reduction in total body fat mass
6.7% reduction in trunk fat
2.6 cm (1.02 inch) reduction in waist circumference

GetLeanProbiotic is 100% dairy free, no gluten, wheat, soy, fish, shellfish, peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, GMO’s, artificial colors, sweeteners or preservatives. To preserve freshness, GetLeanProbiotic comes in nitrogen-purged blister packs and withstand the elements (heat, cold, moisture and oxygen) when traveling to your mailbox, no refrigeration necessary.

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