Dinner Answers


Dinner Answers from Saving Dinner is your weekly road map to making daily family dinners a reality.




Dinner Answers from Saving Dinner is your weekly road map to making daily family dinners a reality.

Here’s the problem … Many mothers and fathers make the commitment to regular dinners BUT … shopping becomes confusing … then you have to prepare the meals.

Here’s the solutionDinner Answers gives you the tools you need to make regular family dinners a reality.

Dinner Answers gives you…

  • Classic, Paleo, Low Carb, Autoimmune and Daytime seasonal menus delivered to your email inbox every week … so you always have easy menu ideas.
  • EASY recipes … so preparing meals goes from chore to creative fun for the entire family.
  • Each menu contains shopping lists … making it super-easy to navigate through the supermarket.
  • Nutritional information so you make informed decisions about your menu – and provide your family with delicious and healthy meals.
  • Create custom menus and shopping lists based on your health goals and personal tastes.
  • Instant access to a huge database of unique recipes so you always have fresh ideas.
  • You can also share the grocery list with your spouse by email.
  • And much, much more …

See Dinner Answers in Action …

10 reviews for Dinner Answers

  1. Judith

    “I have subscribed to the Menu-Mailer for a couple of years now and decided to give the new improved premium deal a try. WOW! All the struggles I have had in the past with trying to keep up with all the recipes, and how to organize them just fell into place with this new premium program!! THANK YOU!! You truly did make my life a lot easier!”

  2. Kerrie

    “And if if you’re passing it to Leanne, please also tell her that I’ve purchased other menu mailer type systems and hers kills the others. Hers rocks. With the others I had to rework the grocery lists and spend a lot of time on it to get it user friendly – for example, the grocery list may be broken up by day of the week rather than by section of the grocery store and so I much prefer hers to any others I’ve bought. I bought a one week sample of a Clean Eating Diet and paid $15 for the one week!!! THEN I had to spend the rest of the evening making it work for me. Needless to say I didn’t purchase any more of those. Leanne’s are simple and broken down for us the way we use them – grocery lists are organized by type of item rather than by day of the week, but the day of the week is there, too, so you know when/why/what. Brilliant!!”

  3. Marita

    “Leanne, I have received menu mailers for about three years. They are fantastic! I’ve saved all of them and they are still the mainstay of most of my dinners. I don’t know how you managed to find so many delicious, healthy recipes. My daughter is bringing her new husband home for the first time and wants me to make “crock goulash” with zucchini, crookneck squash and onions. Your menu-mailers are a terrific value and I cannot thank you enough for offering such a great product.”

  4. Lee

    “My daughter is a freshman at college and she said, “thank you, Mom, for teaching me to eat healthy. I can’t believe what people eat here.” That thanks goes to Saving Dinner.com. I’m pretty sure that before I subscribed, my kids ate mac n cheese three or four times a week. ;)”

  5. Anita

    “What I love most about my menu-mailers? The simplicity of it. Here’s what you fix, here’s how you fix, here’s do-ahead notes, here’s side dish recommendations, here’s your shopping list, here’s how you can add other grocery items to your list, here’s a little bit of stress free cooking because you have done all that work for us. Simple as that but extremely complicated and stressful when I attempted to do any of it. My husband loves it too. Thank you so much!”

  6. Ruth

    “I love it all but especially appreciate the shopping list! It cuts down on my shopping prep time.  Oh, and the nutritional information is fabulous too! I’m logging food to count calories, fat, carbs, and protein so it’s great that your recipes are already calculated!!!  Thanks for making my life go a little easier and smoother and for helping me make simple, healthy dinners!”

  7. Marcy

    “I have a very busy schedule (including a two hour commute). I appreciate having menus already planned for me. I also appreciate that there are paleo and non-paleo options.”

  8. Anneliese

    “First, I love having more than one type of menu from which I can choose. I normally use the Paleo menu, but sometimes I want to exchange one day’s meal for another or have something with carbohydrates, and that is so easy to do with multiple menus. Second, I love that I can choose either servings for two or four (or six). This is very handy when I want to make a double batch to freeze or make extra for lunches. Third, all of the ingredients are real food. There aren’t any “frankenfoods” on the shopping menus. There are hardly any packaged foods at all – just real, natural, good-for-you foods.  Thank you for making dinner a joy to make in my house!”

  9. Barbara

    “The quick and easy recipes are my favorite part. The instructions are super for new or experienced cooks. Thanks”

  10. Lorri

    “I love you taking the work out of making a great dinner for me. The menu’s supplied with the grocery list already and giving me options for daytime menu’s too. I love it and have recommended all of my friends and family to your site!”

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