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The Hot Melt Diet, Unlocking the Body’s Ability to Burn FAT like a MACHINE!

Far from being a fad diet, the keto (ketosis) is a healing diet that has been around since the 1920’s!

And when it comes to weight loss, the reason the Hot Melt Diet works so well is because it zeros in underlying causes of weight gain: up and down blood sugar levels and hormonal imbalance.

Add to that, the ability of fat to satiate and rein in crazy hunger and cravings, the Hot Melt Diet gives you a newfound freedom from the tyranny of having to rely on willpower!

Working with the very fuel (fat) that you want to rid your body of, the Hot Melt Diet transitions you from being a sugar burner to being a fat burning machine!

Why You Want To Be a Fat Burner vs a Sugar Burner

Being a sugar burner means you’re using your body’s source of sugar as it’s energy source. That energy is derived from the food you eat, pulls out the glucose, turns it into glycogen and stored in the liver.

When you deplete glycogen as your source of fuel, your body needs to rely on an alternative fuel—


And when you’re using fat instead of sugar, you experience--

  1. Effortless weight loss because you’re using your own fat as fuel rather than glucose.
  2. More energy.
  3. Clearer skin.
  4. Better mental clarity.
  5. Less cravings, no hunger.
  6. Possibility of reversing type 2 diabetes, PCOS, lower blood pressure and control epilepsy.
  7. Fix your broken metabolism.

It’s All About Ketosis

Ketosis is a natural process your body goes through. It means your body is making ketones as the result of very low carbohydrates being consumed. The ketones are excreted through the urine.

In other words, ketones are the evidence that your body is using fat for fuel and energy instead of sugar.

Why the Hot Melt Diet WORKS

The hardest part of doing anything new, is knowing what to do!

That’s why we created the Hot Melt Diet and give you EVERYTHING you need to be successful:


The Hot Melt Diet Package

*2 alternating weeks of menus to help you get into ketosis and stay into ketosis (and get familiar with how this works!), plus the grocery list so you know exactly what to get at the grocery store. ($47 retail)

*How to get into Ketosis in 6 easy steps.

*Measuring Keytones and minding your macros.

*Hot Melt Diet Private Facebook group! This is where we share results, encourage each other and get answers to question! ($100 retail).

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