Holiday Hustle Bundle!

Tis the Season to Blitz the Fat!

We're entering the holiday season y'all! I love it and I dread it. I love the food, family and friends. Warm fires and tastes that only come around this time of year. However, I hate the weight gain, bloat, and guilt that often comes with it. But NOT this year! I've put together a bundle to help us all enjoy delicious food, while burning fat. Please, join me for this amazing Holiday Hustle!  - Leanne Ely

Holiday Hustle

Everything you need to burn fat, get healthy and have more energy than ever before.

  • The Holiday Hustle Calendar - exactly what to do each day! When to be strict and when to cheat. (November 14 - December 25)
  • 10 Holiday Defense Strategies to keep you focused an on fire!
  • 20 Holiday Hustle Breakfast Recipes
  • 20 Holiday Hustle Lunch Recipes
  • 20 Holiday Hustle Dinner Recipes
  • 20 Holiday Hustle Snack Recipes
  • 15 Holiday Hustle Smoothie Recipes
  • Exclusive Facebook Group!
$65 Value, Only $27 (Discounted from $47!)

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Order the Holiday Hustle Bundle today.  If your first menu – or any menu ever – doesn’t deliver tasty, healthy meals that have received overwhelming positive reviews, you can tell us to take a hike!