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Probiotics are naturally occurring friendly bacteria that are an integral part of our healthy digestive systems. Not only do these benevolent bugs help to assimilate nutrients, they also inhibit harmful bacteria and stimulate the immune system.

Proper probiotic supplementation replaces intestinal tract organisms lost to antibiotic use, disease, poor diet, stress, leaky gut and other factors.

The issue however, isn’t so simple to get the good stuff in.

Probiotics are live organisms and can get killed off easily—in the manufacturing process, on the shelf or just going through your digestive tract—stomach acid is strong stuff!

Our Daily Essential Probiotic is formulated to survive these barriers using advanced patented delivery and shelf stability technology to ensure maximum potency and viability.

And because of this cutting edge technology, our Daily Essential Probiotic delivers over 5 billion live organisms with each dose giving you a higher potency probiotic, superior delivery and minimal waste.

Daily Essentials Probiotic may:

*Minimize the side effects of antibiotics

*Minimize allergic responses

*Prevent and/or alleviate traveler’s diarrhea

*Help immune defense at the intestinal and systemic levels

*Prevent/alleviate diarrhea and constipation in children, adults and the elderly

*Improve digestion of lactose

*Alleviate inflammatory bowel disease/ulcerative colitis

*Help with Vitamin K synthesis

*Alleviate atopic dermatitis

Keeping your gut in check is one of the secrets to optimal health. Get your Daily Essential Probiotic today!


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